Virtual Prayer Box

Our Mission Statement guides all of the activities and outreach that we do both within the church and in our community around us.

As part of this mission we attempt to fulfill these points:

  • Work through the power of the Holy Spirit to bring new members of all ages and backgrounds to Christ and to His Church
  • Encourage life-long growth in Christian discipleship
  • Care and advocate for the lonely and marginalized
  • Provide pastoral care for the church family through the work of a confidential Prayer Ministry Prayer Team.


Use our Virtual Prayer Box e-mail button to get your prayer requests or prayer updates to Fr. David and the Prayer Team. It could be something as simple as:

  •  I’d appreciate prayer for _____________________
  • My name and/or contact info (optional) ___________________
Please note: all prayer requests are respectfully received and guarded by the pastor and the Prayer Team. No confidences will be broken.