Support Us

Ok, we’re a bit weird for a church – we don’t pass the plate around. If you’re joining us as our guest, we don’t expect guests to pay for being a guest. We expect that our members should be responsible for helping to make CCSJ a great place to belong to – that’s our job.

However, if you feel called to help out with the many activities we’ve got going on around here, we will be happy to accept your offering. Here’s a number of ways you can contribute to our mission:

  • Envelopes – at the back of the church where you came in
  • Mail – mail us a cheque to the address on the home page or drop it in the mailbox on the south side of the church (between the church and the rectory next door)
  • Pre-Authorized Payments – monthly giving through your bank account or credit card charge – here’s the form to enroll –
  • Electronic Payments – send your donation from your Canadian bank account using Interac. The e-mail address to use is ccsjdonations (at) – substitute in the “@” symbol to make it a real e-mail address.
    Please specify if you want to direct it to a particular activity or cause, and give your mailing address for a tax receipt at year-end if we don’t know who you are already.